Software Products

Redpoint’s software platform and applications turn real-time position data into life-saving safety alerts, operations analytics, detailed reports and site monitoring dashboards. Redpoint RTLS software suite include SiteWise web application software and SitePlan Utility software. SiteWise provides user interface that displays and manages live tracking data and analytics. SitePlan provides tools for system administrators to commission, maintain and troubleshoot the network.

SiteWise Web Application

Use the SiteWise heatmap feature to show activity trends in your facility.
Use SiteWise to manage daily operations and view reports.

Real-Time Views — View and search for specific items or people or send messages to personnel badges.
Dashboard — Provides customizable overview of the “health” and safety of your operation in real-time.
Reporting, Playback and Heatmap — Comprehensive suite of reports of project and workforce statistics, as well as playback and heatmap features to view activity history visually.
Email and SMS Text Notifications — Receive email or text alerts when an alarm is triggered in your operation.
System and Tag Health Monitoring — Survey network “health” and receive notifications if an issue arises.

SitePlan Utility Software

SitePlan is a desktop application whose function is to help design, install and troubleshoot the Redpoint RTLS network.

Define RTLS Coverage — Draw Redpoint RTLS coverage based on actual floor plan to set up a fully customized system.
Estimate Costs — Export a bill of materials to place an order, as well as estimate installation time and cost.
Install Anchors — Position anchor layout automatically with a self-localization feature.
Commission Network — Start network operation with the press of a button using our auto-scheduling capabilities.
Troubleshoot — Use the software to immediately identify weak points in the network and fix them to optimize the system for high precision and low latency tracking performance.
Firmware Updates — Push out over-the-air firmware updates for your devices.

Open Interfaces for 3rd Party Applications

Open Interfaces Diagram

Redpoint server provides open interface for developers and system integrators to develop and customize a complete solution with Redpoint real time location service.