Hardware Products

The hardware from Redpoint RTLS system includes tags and anchors.


Redpoint provides several forms of trackable tags for different applications. Below is a comparison table of different tags and their intended applications.


Personnel Badge

General Purpose Tag Asset Tag
Part Number 9000-0601 9000-0705 9000-0501
Max Position refreshing frequency 26HZ 26HZ 0.2HZ
Max Position reporting frequency 4HZ 4HZ 0.2HZ
Display Yes No No
IP Rating     IP65
Local Alarm Yes Yes No
Over the air firmware update Yes Yes Yes
Battery life Active – 3 days
Idle – 20 days
Personnel or vehicle tracking – 7 days
Asset tracking – 3 years
1 year
Applications Personnel location tracking General purpose tracking – people, vehicles, assets Asset tracking
Features • Safety alerts (LED + audio)
• Text-, LED- and audio-based communication
• Long battery life
• Low cost
• Safety alerts
• 4-pin sensor/alarm interface
Long battery life
Fact Sheet
Personnel Badge
General Purpose Tag
Asset Tag

Custom Tags

Tags can be customized for different form and functionality, based on the Redpoint Positioning Module and Redpoint Wireless Infrastructure Network, to take advantage of Redpoint’s low latency RTLS capabilities. Here are some examples of custom tag applications:

Redpoint Positioning Module


Left: Ceiling-mounted anchor; right: Wall-mounted anchor

Redpoint provides ceiling-mounted and wall mounted anchors for different installation requirements. Both anchors are full-functioning infrastructure devices that comprise the Redpoint Wireless Infrastructure Network. Anchors can be installed to form the dynamic mesh network for seamless RTLS operation.

Flexible — The anchor can operate in several different modes to support 0D, 1D or 2D tracking, as well as simple presence detection.
PoE Powered — Ethernet provides constant DC power as well as data connectivity for anchors.
Wide Coverage — The anchor offers omnidirectional coverage of up to 50m (170ft) range for large-scale deployments.
Accurate — The anchor is able to locate tags within 20cm accuracy in 2D mode.