System Overview

A Redpoint Real-Time Location System (RTLS) consists of 4 major elements: RTLS server, wireless infrastructure, tags and application software. The off-the-shelf system is powerful, versatile, and highly configurable, allowing you to build complete solutions quickly. If you want to integrate the RTLS with your existing or 3rd party systems, or build your own customized tags, our public APIs and modular hardware design make it effortless.

  1. Redpoint RTLS server to provide database, communication gateway and other backend services
  2. Redpoint Wireless Infrastructure Network (RWIN) formed by a mesh network of UWB wireless anchors
  3. Tags are tracking devices based on Redpoint positioning module which communicate with RWIN via UWB wireless
  4. Applications and utility Software

The system can be configured to track vehicles, people and fixed assets in single or multiple-level indoor environments to over 1 million square feet.

Open Interface
The system was designed with an open interface that allows customization on several different levels.

Redpoint System Architecture

Redpoint System Architecture


• Cloud hosted or on-premise
• Manages projects, users & tags
• Manages network & devices
• Manages data, zones, alarm & events
• Provides APIs

Redpoint Wireless Infrastructure Network (RWIN)

• Self-organizing mesh network of wireless anchors
• Anchors communicate with nearby anchors and tags via ultra-wide band (UWB) wireless
• Some anchors are configured as network bridges to connect to internet or private intranet
• Patented None Line of Sight (NLOS) compensation for high precision position tracking for complex indoor environment
• Patented Wireless communication protocol
• Provides location & data services
• Self-calibration to maintain high precision in a dynamic and changing environment


• Vehicle tag, general purpose tag, personnel badge and asset tag
• Communicate with Redpoint Wireless Infrastructure Network (RWIN) via UWB wireless
• Calculates its own positions without the help of central server
• Tags can sense other tags nearby via patented wireless Low Latency Link among tags, ideal for collision avoidance
• Low Latency (< 200ms) and high precision (< 20 cm)
• On-board memory to store safety zone map locally for near real time response in geofencing applications. Alarm without communicating to central server

Redpoint Software Suite

SiteWise Application software

• Real-time visualization & search
• Historic heatmap, playback, search & locate
• Analytics, reports & dashboard

SitePlan utility software

• Integrated tool for planning, installation, & maintenance
• Site monitoring & user notification