Vehicle Safety


In warehouses, manufacturing plants and many other industrial environments, vehicle safety is a major concern. Vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-pedestrians and vehicle-to-infrastructure collisions are extremely costly not only for the resulting damage but also for the impact on schedules and productivity.

Redpoint RTLS can be used to prevent potential safety incidents in many ways:

Collision Avoidance: When vehicles get too close to each other, to pedestrians, or fixed objects on the ground, the RTLS generates a warning to alert the pedestrians and driver. The system can also actively slow down or stop the vehicle altogether.

Safety Rule Enforcement: Fleet managers can use Redpoint RTLS and the built-in geofencing features to:

Traceability and Accountability: When an incident occurs, managers and administrators can recover the scene using the advanced search and analytics features found in our SiteWise UI.        

Redpoint’s system supports both passive and active vehicle control solutions. Active vehicle control refers to when a vehicle controller system is taking real-time location data and able to generate alarms to alert the driver, or automatically slow down or stop the vehicle through the CAN bus.