RTLS Wearable Safety Alert System for Construction Sites

Redpoint Positioning Showcases Wearable Safety Alert System for Industrial Construction Sites

Employee safety on jobsites is enhanced with Redpoint’s breakthrough wireless tracking system and wearable technology to alert construction jobsite personnel when entering pre-defined hazard-zones  

Cambridge, Massachusetts, April 28, 2015 – Redpoint Positioning Corporation is demonstrating a new safety alert solution for commercial construction jobsites later this week at the BIMForum conference, Booth #3, in San Diego. According to OSHA statistics, contractors accounted for 17 percent of all fatal worksite injuries in 2013, representing on average two deaths every day. Redpoint has set a goal to dramatically improve construction jobsite safety with real-time tracking and wearable technologies.

With high precision real-time location accuracy to within 8” and a lightweight mesh infrastructure that can be battery powered for short-term projects, Redpoint is revolutionizing employee safety solutions for the construction industry.

Redpoint’s innovative solution enables affordable and easy deployment to improve jobsite safety, even for short-term projects. Redpoint RTLS (Real Time Location System) interfaces with BIM tools, allowing personnel to dynamically define hazardous areas within the model. When a worker enters one of these zones, Redpoint’s high-precision RTLS tag, embedded inside the safety vest, will alert personnel via visual and audible indicators on the vest.

Redpoint’s RTLS platform is currently successfully deployed at pilot installations and will be demonstrated for the safety-zone-alert use at BIMForum 2015, Booth #3, in San Diego.

About Redpoint Positioning

Redpoint Positioning, founded in 2010 in Cambridge, MA, is a pioneer in technology solutions for real-time location services (RTLS) and navigation solutions. Redpoint’s patented RTLS supports mission-critical enterprise applications with the most accurate and affordable real-time asset and people tracking technology.  Redpoint’s founders built upon their decades of experience in wireless communication technologies to develop the world’s first IEEE 802.15.4a compatible UWB-RTLS prototype, which led to developing and launching the patented RTLS solutions the company offers today. In addition to its Cambridge, Mass-based headquarters, the company has sales and R&D offices in Boulder, Colorado, and Beijing, China. For more information, please visit www.redpointpositioning.com


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Redpoint Positioning Corporation unveiled its breakthrough real time location system (RTLS) platform at RFID Live! 2015. Redpoint’s integrated hardware and software solution is based on a rich patent-pending portfolio and achieves location accuracy within 20cm, operating on a low-cost, self-calibrating UWB mesh-network infrastructure. Learn more.