Oil, Gas & Mining

Monitoring staff and equipment in Oil, Gas & Mining

Two leading causes of accidents in the industrial workplace are due to truck collisions with pedestrians and ground workers being injured by overhead cranes and their shifting loads. Redpoint’s system makes personnel in these environments safer and more visible to other operators.

Improve Safety

Redpoint’s proprietary technology enables connected workers so that situational awareness in dangerous environments is always available. Additionally, equipment, assets, tools, and vehicles can be tracked to minimize waste and make a more efficient digital working environment.

Personnel badges provide real-time updates of location and movement. In the event a worker is injured and requires immediate help, the badge features an emergency button alert. Historical location data is captured to provide audits of individual or group activity in geofence zones and areas of interest.

Improve Visibility and Avoid Accidents

Redpoint provides real-time visibility of workers and heavy equipment, alerting workers before accidents occur.

Tags trigger high visibility LED safety vests to light and/ or produce audible alarms to alert pedestrians in close proximity to heavy equipment operators or dangerous machinery.

Improve Productivity

Worker activity can be monitored across shifts to ensure your contractors are in the right areas. Equipment and vehicle utilization can be optimized and time lost searching for assets is also reduced.

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