Industrial IoT

Smarter Manufacturing with Redpoint

Industry 4.0 covers a broad spectrum of applications that rely on knowing precisely where everything is inside and outside of manufacturing facilities. And leading IoT initiatives like “Digital Twin” have become globally recognized based on several key factors like falling costs of key technologies to drive adoption and more defined use cases across specific industries like Logistics.

The Redpoint system delivers real-time, high precision location tracking to enable mission critical IoT applications such as autonomous navigation, assembly tracking, vehicle tracking & automation and crane positioning. The open interface allows:

Redpoints patented RTLS infrastructure supports third party sensors and applications for IOT applications

Digital Twin improves logistics operations

This technology involves using digital models to better understand and manage physical assets and is already well established in some industries; it has the potential to significantly change logistics operations globally. Redpoint’s system enables today’s manufacturing operators to achieve this vision.

Digital twin is a virtual digital representation of a physical entity that can simulate and monitor both the physical state and behavior of that thing. The digital version maintains a real-time connection to the physical object and updates itself to reflect all changes to its physical counterpart. 

Leveraging a high accuracy, real time system like Redpoint’s to track workers, products, robots, machines, vehicles and even entire business ecosystems, digital twins can access precise location data and insights from the past, optimize the present and predict future operations performance. While today’s applications of Digital Twin are typically focused on individual machines or work groups, the enterprise is moving rapidly to deploy this on a facility-wide scale.