About Redpoint Positioning – Innovators in RTLS


In 2010 when Redpoint founders first got together, they clearly saw the potential of combined high-precision RTLS and sensor networking applications and how it represented the digital future across many different industries. Early adopters of RTLS technologies were being forced to settle for low accuracy if they wanted an affordable price point, or conversely, greater accuracy, but with a high price tag.

Redpoint founders recognized the opportunity to break through the performance/cost barriers inherent to ultra-wideband (UWB) and deliver a solution and platform that would lead to rapid adoption of high-precision RTLS and enable companies worldwide to realize new efficiencies and capabilities.

With decades of experience in wireless communication technologies, Redpoint founders developed the world’s first IEEE 802.15.4a compatible UWB-RTLS prototype, which led to developing and launching the patent-pending RTLS solutions the company offers today.

Redpoint  Showcases Wearable Safety Alert System for Industrial Construction Sites

Redpoint Positioning Corporation demonstrated a new safety alert solution for commercial construction jobsites at the BIMForum conference, Booth #3, in San Diego.  Learn More



Redpoint Launches Break-through RTLS Platform

Redpoint’s integrated real time location system (RTLS) platform hardware and software solution is based on a rich patent-pending portfolio and achieves location accuracy within 20cm, operating on a low-cost, self-calibrating UWB mesh-network infrastructure. Learn More