We offer the most accurate, responsive and scalable real-time location system to help you see and manage your moving world.

      Our system provides the following capabilities simultaneously:

  • Navigation – never get lost and always know where to go.
  • Tracking – know precisely where people, vehicles and assets are.
  • Communication – stay connected and informed anywhere.





     High Accuracy             Low Latency                 Scalability                         Connectivity    

         Reliably deliver             Sub-Second Latency               Allows over                                 All tags and
              sub-meter                    for mission-critical           1,000,000 sq.ft. of                 anchors are connected.
              accuracy in                         applications                complete coverage.            Two-way communication
            large complex                     such as active                   Can manage                       capability  provide the 
                industry                      vehicle control and              50,000 tags in                  location and data services
          environments.                 collision avoidance.              a single facility.               to the tags at the same time.



  • Improved safety for facilities, vehicles and staff
  • Improved utilization of equipment, asset and space to drive operational efficiencies
  • Data driven analysis, modeling and learning to build business intelligent and workflows & operations
  • Reduces exposure related to loss of assets as well as employee and equipment accidents
  • Improves accountability and traceability with assets and staff operations
  • Allow for active control autonomous operations in dangerous circumstances and conditions


Industry Solutions

Material Handling

Monitor workflow and staff; reduce costly "events" and improve safety in your facilities.

Industrial IoT

Streamline your manufacturing operations. Identify production bottlenecks and optimize efficiency across workflows.

Oil Gas & Mining

Enable visibility of all personnel onshore, offshore and below ground. Track in dangerous zones and increase safety.

Other Industries

Industry-agnostic platform. Solutions leveraged by clients across verticals building location-enabled applications.